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TCS Antiques, Ball and Ball, and Ball and Ball Dot Biz  are all right at the same address, run by the same people, for TCS, and Dot Biz  you will be talking/emailing me, Whitman Ball. For Ball and Ball you will find our Sons Bill and Bob, and their wives Pam or JoAnn. I hope we can serve you, Old Stuff, Odd Stuff, or the Best Reproductions on the market.

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May and June 2017

Welcome to TCS Antiques, your source for complete, properly restored metal Originals from the early 1700’s  through to 1890’s.

We have completed the change of the format. Major difference is that there is a SLIDE SHOW FOR EVERY ITEM LISTED. Click the photo to see it FULL SIZE, repeat to see all photos of that item, click X to close. (don’t forget to email me to buy it!!!)

Coming soon, strap hinges large and small, with selection of pintle type, and finish for most. Many iron and some brass locks in work also. And I just have to make the time to finish more lighting fixtures, they keep being pushed to the back of the table.

You will always find the most recently finished pieces at the top of the listing on this page, look into the Highlighted Sections above to see all that is offered.

I look forward to helping with your home restoration.          

Whitman Ball

Current as of May 23, 2017


These photographs are from the Ball and Ball showroom. They show a wide variety of antique, and reproduction antique items for your home. The candlesticks on the mantle are listed below, several lights and the bed warmers that can be seen here are also listed below. Want more info on a particular item? Send me an email with a good description of where it is, and I will get it to you.

Click any photo to SuperSize and click again to Reduce.


302-0719 $785.00

Fireplace Tool Set, Shovel & Tongs

Shovel is 27-1/2" Tall, the tongs are 28-1/2"

A Round Ball Top handle rests on a brass shank with a seciton cut to 8 sides, NYC made maybe? A 100 year old visable repair to the shovel, now not seen--repaired again. Polished brass, polished, and black, with Hot Wax on the Forged Iron.

  • 302-0719-1_Ball_Top_Fire_Tools_Pair

302-0718 $860.00

Fireplace Tool Set, Shovel & Tongs

Shovel is 33" High, Tongs are 32" high

An Outstanding pair of tools with Steeple Top handle finials. All is in very good condition, some repairs were just made, but bet you will not find them. This Pair, like the next set # 719 is right near the top quality of all I have had.

  • 302-0718-1_Steeple_Top_Fire_Tools_Pair

305-0715 $415

Apple Butter Kettle from Brass

22-3/4" Dia x 20" High

One of many hundreds of buckets in this pattern, and about this size used for just about everything. From heating, to cooking or just washing the kids or the clothes. Condition polished outside, cleaned inside, sidewall dents shown in photos.

  • 305-0715-1_Brass_Apple_Butter_Kettle

305-0714 $265.00

Brass "Footman" for Fireplace

About 16" Tall, with a 12" x 16" Tray Top

A very pleasing pattern on the front panel, and large curved legs make this a pleasure to have at your Hearth. All Brass, with Forged Iron inside supports. Original use included plate and food warming, or perhaps a spot of tea. Once all the food was put away, you could warm your toes.

  • 305-0714-1_Brass_Footman

302-0713 $465.00

Firetool Set, Tongs and Shovel

Pair 30" Tall, both items

Round Ball top Finial with 8 flats on upper end of shaft handle, traces them back to NYC (I think). From the mid 1800's. the handles are not from the same pattern, but the patterns must have been made in the same shop to be so close.

  • 302-0713-1_30_Inch_Tongs_and_Shovel

302-0712 $170.00

Fireplace Tool, Shovel

32" Tall

The slightly smaller Finial Handle on this Shovel--is actually the same shape as # 711. The "Perfect" pair is a complete match, these are close only. If you buy the pair you can save $40. As a pair they are offered at $300.

  • 302-0712-1_Fireplace_Shovel

302-0711 $170.00

Fireplace Tool, Tongs

32" Tall, 6-1/2" Long x 2-1/4" Dia, Handle

The Large Size of the Brass Pattern handle on this pair of Tongs comes from the early 1800's The Finial shape is Very close to the Shovel # 712, and if you buy both, you will save $40.00. These are offered as a pair for $300.

  • 302-0711-1_Fireplace_Tongs

302-0710 $68.00

Fireplace Tool, Tongs

25" Tall, with 6-1/2" x 1-1/2" Dia Handle

Common pattern finial for this early 1800's pair of Tongs. The steel legs are rounded at the top and there is a round pivot point cover also. A single tool, not a pair--with a shovel.

  • 302-0710-2

305-0702 SOLD

Forged Hanging Tool Rack

About 16" wide x 10" high

This Hand Forged bracket with hooks will make a good addition to any 'Cooking fireplace', bottom hooks will hold just about any tools, herbs, or preserved food items for display. Hanging Forged Nail included.

  • 305-0702-1-forged_iron_kitchen_hook

303-0700 $280.00

Fireplace Fender, Brass

42" Wide x 5" High

This is one of a select few that used a single Brass Casting for the body--earlier than most of the rolled sheet metal fenders. Applied raised shape at top and a formed brass covering over the steel base support piece add a dimension to this fender.

  • 303-0700-1-brass_fire_fender

302-0699 $385.00

Firetool set, Tongs and Shovel

35" Tall, Topped with an Unusual Finial

Forged and turned Steel shafts on this pair retain their original black finish, now with a hot wax coat applied to preserve it for more years. Rare Finial shape, and overall well done construction make these very useable today

  • 302-0699-1-fireplace_tool_set

303-0698 SOLD

Fireplace Fender

48" Wide x 5-1/2" High

Heavy guage Brass is punched and dimple formed as well as wrapped over a steel top and bottom support bar. Ideal for a good look with a gas fireplace, too low for wood burning I think. Because of the heavy brass sheet uesd, no damage to the brass has been made over time.

  • 303-0698-1-punched_dimpled_brass_fender

305-0697 $240.00

Brass Bucket

18" Dia x 12" Deep

Well made, spun brass bucket with a forged iron handle. Maker mark seen in part, center bottom. No damage to the walls--on a bucket this size is a rare conditon--after 100 years of use.

  • 305-0697-1-brass_bucket

201-0696 $50.00

Candelabra, Lion Decorated Body

12" High x 7" Wide, and a 3" Dia Base

Cast Brass rampant lions on an openwork main body, with 3 turned candle cups. A nice design from the 1800's.  Save $$$ buy 2 or 3 at $40 Ea.

  • 201-0696-1-lion_candelabra

305-0695 $74.00

Brass Bucket

10-1/2" Dia x 8" High, or on stand 15" High

A round Forged bar handle for lifting, with a full polish outside, and cleaned surface inside. The Iron base is made of forged and welded round bar stock.  Useful, and nice looking without great expense.

  • 305-0695-1-brass_bucket

305-0693 SOLD

Tin Plate Warmer, For Fireplace

27" Tall with 14" Sq Body--4 shelves

A nicely hand painted door, (seems to be original paint) plate warmer, late 1800's period. Resting on cast iron legs. Nothing broken or repaired in the structure, they are normally rather weak, not this one.

  • 305-0693-1-tin_stand_up_plate_warmer

101-0688 $580.00

Corbin Repro Brass Lock

Right Hand 8"x5"

Limited use, showed no wear--no repairs, cleaning only, complete as shown. Needs key for existing outside cylinder, or new cylinder, maybe a new spindle also. The B&B L203 cylinder cover shown is included, cylinder/spindle extra.

  • 101-0688-1_f

102-0687 $640.00

Carpenter Lock

Right Hand 6"x4-1/4"

With original Keeper showing 'fancy detail' and keeper marked Carpenter also. The knobs have some age, but are not period, the key is new. Price includes items not shown, rosette and key excutcheon for outside.

  • 102-0687-1_f

101-0686 SOLD

Cast Brass Lock

Right Hand 8"x4-1/2"

Reproduction By VA Metalcrafters for Colonial Williamsburg. Complete as supplied by CW, drop on inside, knob outside, brass key inside and cylinder key out. Shipped complete. Screws and fittings needed to install are included.

  • 101-0686-1_f

102-0685 $490.00

Carpenter Lock

Left Hand 6"x4-1/4"

Fitted with ORIGINAL Knobs, Key and Keeper. Now rebuilt to our standards, complete and ready to install.

  • 102-0685-1_f

102-0684 $465.00

Carpenter Lock

Right Hand 5"x4-1/4"

Fitted with Original Key, Keeper and Knobs. Fully restored complete, and ready to install.

  • 102-0684-1_f

302-0683 SOLD

Tool Stand

32" Tall

Made up some new and some old ironwork, and new brass 'hook'. But the interesting part may be the base. It is ORIGINAL Valley Forge area Marble, as is the fireplace

  • 302-0683-1-(THREE-FINIALS)_f

301-0682 $345.00


16" Tall

Chippendale footed, Truned and Facetted Column, caps on back legs, no major repairs these are as made, just heavy polished to finish.

  • 301-0682-1-NO-ID-SHOT_f

102-0678 $580.00

Carpenter Lock

Right Hand 8x5-1/2"

Retracting Bolt Carpenter (type) lock. There was no 'Carpenter seal' on this one--so one of the licensed makers must have made it. With Original Key, Keeper, and Knobs, nice decoration on the keeper. Ready to install

  • 101-0678-1_f

305-0677 $225.00



Machine made, handles match, a 4" and a 3" dipper, a turner, and a fork are included.

  • 305-0677-1_f




Moravian Plate Latches

Left Hand Approx 7"x3-3/5"

TWO matching L.Hand Moravian Plate Latches. The price shown is for one, ask about the pair price. With drive keeper, outside rosette, and mounting screws. The Hot Wax finish is a bit different on them--identify by front and rear--if you call to order.

  • 109-0672,673-1_f

301-0660  SOLD

Double Lemon Andirons

Pair 25" tall

Acquired from a museum collection. They were and still are in 100% perfect original condition, showing only a very limited use.

  • 301-0660-1_f

101-0657 $540.00

Iron Rim Lock

Right Hand

Iron Rim lock from early 1800's. Complete with all original key, keeper, and knobs. Finish is flat black, brass polished, key escutcheon not shown but included--ready to install.

  • 101-0657-1_f

303-0648 $685.00

Reproduction Fender

49" Wide, 15" high to finial top, 15" deep

Curved wire with three finials and lion paw feet. This Nice Reproduction Fender has been Well cared for over the years. I think this one was made in the 1950's. Now with fresh black paint and full polished brass.

  • 303-0648-1_f

303-0644 $260.00

Polished Steel Fender

41" Wide x 6" High x 10" Deep,

A nicely detailed mid to late 1800's Polished Steel Fender, features two narrow brass bands across the middle of the body. Punched open center as on several others we have now.

  • 303-0644-1_f

301-0642 SOLD

Duck Head Andirons

21" Tall

Hand Forged Iron Duck Head andirons. I think from early to mid 1800's. 9" wide and 14" deep back legs. A most appropriate pair for your hunting lodge.

  • 301-0642-1_f

201-0605 $105.00

Candle Sticks

10" Tall

Pair of Originals from England (patent marked). This pair with a 3-5/8" Sq Base, in very good condition, now with new push ups.

  • 201-0605-1_f

201-0590 $620.00

Candle Stand

5'2" Tall with arm spread of 18"

Hand Forged Candle stand. Think it is from the early 1900's but could be older, nice details on arm, and center raised part of the shaft.

Call or email for more details

  • 201-0590-1_f

305-0580 $340.00

Turning Trivet Top

8-1/2" round

Hand Forged turning trivet top on a Forged platform. All in very good condition, and a really nice design on the round top. 18" long overall

  • 305-0580-1_f

107-0573 $96.00
per pair

Strap Hinges

4 pair Matching 15" x 1-3/4"

Hand Forged full length beveled strap hinges. Fitted with new leaf pintels and hinge pins. 1 pr about 1/2" shorter. SAVE, buy 2 or more pair--ask.

  • 107-0573-1_f

305-0510 $420.00

Bed Warmer

11" dia

Lid With Standing Bird in Center, photo is hard to see it, but detail is clearer in person. This I think is an early PA, piece. The body and lid were hammer raised, not spun like most, the copper handle mount seems original.

  • 305-0510-1_f
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1932        BALL AND BALL HISTORY     2015

83 years ago; my Father, William Ball Jr. and his Brother George Ball, formed the Company called Ball and Ball. In the early years, reproduction antique furniture hardware was their only product.  Since then, the Company has reproduced many more pieces from original patterns; you will find these products at

The Family Business is now being run by my two Sons, William and Robert along with their Wives, JoAnn and Pam.

1981        TCS ANTIQUES HISTORY       2015

This TCS Antiques site is dedicated to listing items from my 58 years of collecting, now carefully restored by me, and offered here and in the Ball and Ball showroom for sale. I hope you enjoy your visit, new items listed as I get them finished.

W. Whitman Ball

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